I need your help!

Hiya everyone, it’s Phoenix here. I hope you’re all well. I’ve been doing Penable for a while now. During this time, I have written over one hundred posts, gained almost five hundred followers, and published two books! I could not have done this without your amazing support, feedback, and praise. Don’t worry guys- I’m notContinue reading “I need your help!”

Write a review for Penable!

Hi everyone! As the end of June is closing in, as usual, I am collecting reviews on how everyone is finding Penable! Please head to our review page here and leave a comment on how you’re finding Penable! Are our tips useful and helpful? Are you having an enjoyable time writing with us? How areContinue reading “Write a review for Penable!”

How to stay motivated to write!

Hi there! ✨ Today’s post is on how to stay motivated for writing. I know that a lot of people are trying to stay motivated when they’re working on a book, essay, speech and so on. You may be working on a book, essay or speech and if so then you need this post! 1.Continue reading “How to stay motivated to write!”

NEW: Join the Ebony And Fire Writing Club NOW!

Hi guys! I have joined up with The book Raven to bring you aspiring authors, the brand new, The Ebony And Fire Writing Club! Every week, we will be doing a post each on our blogs as the creators of this writing club. We will be displaying our work and pieces and you can shareContinue reading “NEW: Join the Ebony And Fire Writing Club NOW!”

Why we chose ‘Writing’ for our theme on Penable

Why is Penable’s main theme ‘Writing’? Many people have started writing a novel or poetry or an essay and have given up. We’re here to inspire you and bring you back. Many people that I know are struggling with writing and need help, tips and tricks on how to make their work better – that’sContinue reading “Why we chose ‘Writing’ for our theme on Penable”


Whatttttt???? 😃 😃 😃 A great notification for me to read tonight: That’s truly AMAAAZINNGG! Phoenix, I’m proud of you 😂 To all my viewers and followers : you are all soooo AWESOME and brilliant and just… Amazing! Know that I am truly grateful for your help, support and every follow, view and like meansContinue reading “1000 LIKES ON PENABLE !!!!!”

Vivid descriptions and how to create them!

I like to write stories but sometimes, and I am sure it is the same for most of us, I get stuck creating a character or a setting. This slows down the whole process of story writing, so I am here to help! Settings Ever wished you wanted to create a setting as magical asContinue reading “Vivid descriptions and how to create them!”

Soothing Smoothies and a book

It’s almost summer and for the past few days, It has been boiling weather! On a really hot day, what I enjoy the most is a cool, delightful drink to sip with a book. So I give you, Soothing Smoothies and a book! 5 DELICIOUS and so super simple smoothie recipes. 1. Super strawberry andContinue reading “Soothing Smoothies and a book”

Winner of 100 Word Monday #1 – Isolation

Hey there, hope you guys are all well in health and happy at home. Last week, we had our first 100 Word Monday where the participants must write a short story, poem or creative piece of writing that is 100 words, no more, no less. This was a great chance to show your writing skillsContinue reading “Winner of 100 Word Monday #1 – Isolation”

Real Neat Blog Award…

Wowwww, my second award… I am super honoured and grateful to Mrs Holliman for nominating me for the real neat blogger award. Mrs Holliman has been a good friend and loyal follower to Penable and she is a real neat blogger herself so make sure you put a visit to her site on your bucketContinue reading “Real Neat Blog Award…”