Guest post – A poem by Kamya Seervi

Hiya everyone, hope you’re all doing well, today we have a special blogger at Penable, Kamya Seervi! She has written a beautiful poem for her guest post on Penable, and it’s about how she has changed after becoming a part of the WordPress family. Here it is…. Entering the realm of WordPress Before I enteredContinue reading “Guest post – A poem by Kamya Seervi”

Thursday Poetry Competition!!

Finally, the poetry competitions are back! Today’s topic is… Dreams! Okay everyone, we want you to send in your AWESOME work on dreams or anything related to dreams. Please stick to the topic. So hand it in, writers this is your chance to show your talent! How do I submit my work? Part of submittingContinue reading “Thursday Poetry Competition!!”

Love like a crooked flame – A Poem…

I think that our love is like a crooked flame Because as you still warm up my heart It burns on the wood of my soul, which ensures that we never truly part But when a crooked flame sings of the love that it brings It crackles and cackles so And when the crooked flameContinue reading “Love like a crooked flame – A Poem…”

Storm Walker – A Poem from my book Sensations and stars and other poems

Storm Walker I’m a Storm Walker When the sky cries rain And clouds wail thunder It’s the sweetest sound to me And I always wonder What if the sky was tittering and the clouds were giggling What if they were crying laughter? Everyone makes a storm sound angry Am I the only one who correctsContinue reading “Storm Walker – A Poem from my book Sensations and stars and other poems”

Afterlife? – A Poem…

Afterlife? I believe that there’s a God who created mankind Who could recreate a fingerprint a thousand times in a second Who could open the petals of roses and flowers Who could make thunder bellow and the clouds cry showers Who could make the earth dry and make it blossom green again Who could killContinue reading “Afterlife? – A Poem…”

You think a bang did that? – A Poem

Do you seriously believe that the world started with a bang? And we all came like that? You think a bang could make the gold sun rise and set? You think a bang could make the wind blow the tides and make the sand wet? You think a bang pinned the stars to the sky?Continue reading “You think a bang did that? – A Poem”

What I Would Have Done – A Poem

I am currently reading a book called the soul of a butterfly and came across this poem in it. It’s so beautiful, that I wanted to share it with all my WordPress buddies 🤗🤗 What I would have done… I can weep till my eyes become red and swollen I can scream till my voiceContinue reading “What I Would Have Done – A Poem”