Self Publishing – Pros and Cons

Self publishing pros and cons! PROS Greater Control – You can design your own book cover, set your own price, publish your work in whatever format you wish and afford to make your own decisions  every step of the way Less waiting – If you publish through one of the big publishing houses it’ll takeContinue reading “Self Publishing – Pros and Cons”

Thursday Poetry competition!!

Hello to all my wonderful friends and followers, and here is another Thursday Poetry competition! The topic for today was picked by Nima Mohan, who kindly suggested that I should do colours. So what’s your favourite colour? What does it make you feel? However this comp will be a little bit different… The topic isContinue reading “Thursday Poetry competition!!”

Thursday Poetry Competition!!

Finally, the poetry competitions are back! Today’s topic is… Dreams! Okay everyone, we want you to send in your AWESOME work on dreams or anything related to dreams. Please stick to the topic. So hand it in, writers this is your chance to show your talent! How do I submit my work? Part of submittingContinue reading “Thursday Poetry Competition!!”

Storm Walker – A Poem from my book Sensations and stars and other poems

Storm Walker I’m a Storm Walker When the sky cries rain And clouds wail thunder It’s the sweetest sound to me And I always wonder What if the sky was tittering and the clouds were giggling What if they were crying laughter? Everyone makes a storm sound angry Am I the only one who correctsContinue reading “Storm Walker – A Poem from my book Sensations and stars and other poems”

10 of my TOP tips for writing Poetry!!!

For those who are not aware, I am an author of a short poetry ebook on Amazon called Sensations and stars and other poems. Do check it out ❤️ And some of my amazing followers have requested for me to do a post on some poetry tips, and I know that there are some reallyContinue reading “10 of my TOP tips for writing Poetry!!!”

My poetry book is going to be published!!!!

Hey guys, this is super exciting. I’m soon going to be an author!!! My book: Sensations and Stars and other poems, Will be published sometime this week on Amazon kindle books and I’m over the moon! I just want to say a big thank you to all my followers and kind friends on WordPress includingContinue reading “My poetry book is going to be published!!!!”

Poem: Dreams…

Lying in bed The window open wide Rays of gold from the lamps Dance frenetically inside The flow of a nearby river Hums sweetly in my ear As I stare at the ceiling Filled with moonlight care My eyelids drum against each other Joining with the whispers of the wind The stars blink with loveContinue reading “Poem: Dreams…”