Vampires lurking – A short story

I wrote this story last year! It’s pretty long but I hope you all like it! It is a tale about a girl who discovers a group of nasty vampires who love bickering with eachother. It’s not my best piece of work; I assure you, my craft has improved greatly since the start of 2020!Continue reading “Vampires lurking – A short story”

The Penable Short Story competition…… FOR KIDS!!!

Hey everyone, today we have a very special announcement… We’ll be having a short story competition for kids! 🎉🎉🎉 We’ll still be having our Thursday Poetry Competitions, but this comp is only for those between the age of five to fifteen. If you’re a kid, or have kids, then feel free to enter! Before youContinue reading “The Penable Short Story competition…… FOR KIDS!!!”

What happened to Princess? – PART TWO OF MY HORROR STORY!!!

Please read the following carefully: Hi guys, so I have written a short Horror story called What happened to Princess? And I actually posted it around two months ago, so if you’re a new follower, then you may not have heard of it. That’s why I’m going to show you part one and the newContinue reading “What happened to Princess? – PART TWO OF MY HORROR STORY!!!”

What happened to Princess? – A Horror Story……

Everybody loves horror. Now I may not be a GREAT horror story writer, but I must admit – I have some pretty creepy tricks up my sleeve…… The idea for me to write a short horror story was from The Book Warrior. She is a great friend and follower and requested for me to makeContinue reading “What happened to Princess? – A Horror Story……”