Speech Monday Special 2 – thoughts on religion

Hi and welcome to part two of my speech Monday, this part is based on religion. Ready? Oh and please leave loaddddssss of feedback down below 👇 Thoughts on religion I’m not here to argue. I’m not here to debate. I’m not here to convert. I’m simply here to talk. Talk about religion. Religion isContinue reading “Speech Monday Special 2 – thoughts on religion”

Speech Monday 1 – Reflections from the coronavirus

Alright, so this is part one of Speech Monday and the topic is…. Reflections from the coronavirus! Here it is… Reflections from the coronavirus I know what’s happening in the world. We’re losing our loved ones. We’re losing money. We’re running out of food. We should write down our reflections because it makes us understandContinue reading “Speech Monday 1 – Reflections from the coronavirus”