Thursday Poetry Competition – The Results!!

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all doing fantastic! Last week, contestants had to write about: An animal you think is beautiful or strange. I received a lot of amazing entries! And now for the winner…. The winner is…The Knight Of The Pen!! Congratulations 🎊 ✨👍 Here is the amazing piece he wrote.. He’s a largeContinue reading “Thursday Poetry Competition – The Results!!”

Thursday Poetry Competition – The Results..

Hi everyone, it’s Phoenix and here are the results for last week’s conp! This time, our competition was judged by an amazing fellow blogger, Zamadlomo! Thank you so much Zamadlomo!! Lots of you took part in last week’s comp and the topic was storms. And now for the winner…. The winner is.. Kim from Kimmagic!Continue reading “Thursday Poetry Competition – The Results..”

Thursday poetry competition – The Results!

Hey everyone, it’s Phoenix here and last week, contestants had to write a funny or nonsense poem! Lots of people took part in this fun comp and sent in their amazing work! I had a great time reading all the poems and here is the winner….. The winner is… Zamadlomo!!! Congratulations, you get the PenableContinue reading “Thursday poetry competition – The Results!”

Thursday poetry competition – The Results!

Hiya everyone, it’s Phoenix here and I’ve got the results for last Thursday’s poetry competition! This time, contestants could choose any style of poetry they liked, limericks, sonnet, ect. But there was a twist. They had to start each verse with the same letter. And now I reveal the winner…. The winner of this weekContinue reading “Thursday poetry competition – The Results!”

Thursday poetry competition – The Results!!!

Hiya everyone! It’s Phoenix! And here are the results for last week’s epic competition! The topic was chosen by Nima Mohan – thank you Nima – colours. The contestants had to write about their favourite colours and this one got a lotttt of entries!! And now. For. The. Winner! The Winner is…. KIM from Kim’sContinue reading “Thursday poetry competition – The Results!!!”

Thursday Poetry competition – the results!

Meow there ✨✨✨ It’s been a busy week and we come to another beautiful Wednesday. Last week’s challenge was dreams. Contestants had to write something related to dreams and night time. And the winner is…. Drum roll… KIM’S MAGIC!!!! Congratulations Kim! Well done! Here is her amazing piece of work: When the world is lostContinue reading “Thursday Poetry competition – the results!”

Thursday poetry competition – The Results!

Hi to all my friends, amazing followers and awesome fellow bloggers! And here is the results of last Thursday’s comp! The topic was Love. We received soooooo many entries and choosing the winner and runner ups was a hard choice, because each and every one of your poems were beautifully written and unique in theirContinue reading “Thursday poetry competition – The Results!”

Thursday poetry competition : The Results!!!!

Hi guys! So last Thursday, we had another Poetry competition and the topic was.. Fragrance. Contestants had to write a piece of poetry about a beautiful or peculiar scent. This week’s comp was soooo hard to judge, because we loved each and every piece and we had incredible writers entering! But writer in particular showedContinue reading “Thursday poetry competition : The Results!!!!”

Winner of 100 Word Monday #1 – Isolation

Hey there, hope you guys are all well in health and happy at home. Last week, we had our first 100 Word Monday where the participants must write a short story, poem or creative piece of writing that is 100 words, no more, no less. This was a great chance to show your writing skillsContinue reading “Winner of 100 Word Monday #1 – Isolation”