Alternative ways to plan a story

Good day to everyone! My name is Lottie and I’m going to start writing some articles for this blog!  Personally, I am a plantster when I write, which means I do some planning, but struggle to create a fully fleshed out plan before I start writing. For my first blog, I thought I would introduceContinue reading “Alternative ways to plan a story”

Self Publishing – Pros and Cons

Self publishing pros and cons! PROS Greater Control – You can design your own book cover, set your own price, publish your work in whatever format you wish and afford to make your own decisions  every step of the way Less waiting – If you publish through one of the big publishing houses it’ll takeContinue reading “Self Publishing – Pros and Cons”

Writing Advice for The Ebony and Fire Writing Club on Penable — Author Justina Luther

So as many of you may know, last week Penable teamed up with The Raven Writer to create the Ebony And Fire Writing Club. Check out our page here: And a massive thank you to a very special author, Justina Luther who kindly gave us some advice for all those aspiring authors out there!Continue reading “Writing Advice for The Ebony and Fire Writing Club on Penable — Author Justina Luther”

10 of my TOP tips for writing Poetry!!!

For those who are not aware, I am an author of a short poetry ebook on Amazon called Sensations and stars and other poems. Do check it out ❤️ And some of my amazing followers have requested for me to do a post on some poetry tips, and I know that there are some reallyContinue reading “10 of my TOP tips for writing Poetry!!!”