16 AWESOME pictures that you have to write about!

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well and safe. Here are some pictures that I think are pretty cool to write about! Give yourself five minutes to write as much as you can about each image, and feel free to send me your work at phoenix@penable.net This will get you writing more, get you to practice writingContinue reading “16 AWESOME pictures that you have to write about!”

3 common Story Writing MISTAKES Writers make!

Hi everyone, it’s Phoenix here and today we’re going to go over some of the most common writing mistakes people make when writing stories. Don’t write about A PLAIN WORLD. This is a very common mistake writers make. Readers want description. They want to be transported to a different world, a different land. Many writersContinue reading “3 common Story Writing MISTAKES Writers make!”

Who Was Charlotte Bronte?

Hiya everyone, it’s Phoenix here! There are many great writers in the world and we keep hearing the name Charlotte Bronte…so I decided to do a short introduction to her! Charlotte Brontë was the eldest of the three, well know Brontë sisters, who eventually wrote novels which became classics in English Literature. Charlotte was bornContinue reading “Who Was Charlotte Bronte?”

How to stay motivated to write!

Hi there! ✨ Today’s post is on how to stay motivated for writing. I know that a lot of people are trying to stay motivated when they’re working on a book, essay, speech and so on. You may be working on a book, essay or speech and if so then you need this post! 1.Continue reading “How to stay motivated to write!”

A Penable course: Writing a book #1 – TAMING THE START

Hello everyone! For tthose who aren’t aware, I mentioned in my last post that I am going to be starting a writing course to keep you occupied during the COVID 19 which takes you on the journey to starting to finishing your book. I will be going through the course with you guys, along withContinue reading “A Penable course: Writing a book #1 – TAMING THE START”

NEW: Join the Ebony And Fire Writing Club NOW!

Hi guys! I have joined up with The book Raven to bring you aspiring authors, the brand new, The Ebony And Fire Writing Club! Every week, we will be doing a post each on our blogs as the creators of this writing club. We will be displaying our work and pieces and you can shareContinue reading “NEW: Join the Ebony And Fire Writing Club NOW!”