Wait… Slow down…. Whattttt????????

A brilliant notification this afternoon:

I know some of you guys have like hundreds of followers, and this may seem not that much of a big deal to you, but I’m proud of myself and Penable all the same! 🤗🤗🤗

Massive thank youuuu to all the people who followed Penable – you guys are AWESOME

To all the people who haven’t followed, what are you waiting for?

And a lil surprise for all my lovely family of followers for all your kindness, love and support – I give you ALL, the Penable Award!

Check out this link for more info, follow the rules carefully and have plenty of fun along the way!


Meanwhile…. I’m going to be celebrating with a block of white chocolate, actually, make that three. 😂


45 thoughts on “100 FOLLOWERS!!!!!

  1. Congratulations! My blog hit a hundred followers recently too! I would love if you would check it out.
    Stay safe,
    -Prutha xoxo


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  2. Do read my story; it’s now Thirteen chapters long, and I’ve designed it to be a blog; this wouldn’t be fun as a book, for one or would be too short. Do read it. My creativity is fine. A good story only comes along every so often, in my head.

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