Daily Wisdom 8

‘A ship is safe in the harbour, but that’s not what ships are for…’

G. T. Shedd

Okay, so there’s a virus and we are stuck at home. But come on people – we can still explore from our homes! These are difficult times, trust me, I know, and we’re suffering. But the suffering – have you ever thought that it is something for us to learn from? We are stuck at home, bored, grumpy – but that’s not what we are for…

Maybe this is a time to think. All this spare time that we now have in our hands, we could use it to watch TV or update our Instagram or switch on the Xbox. Or we could use this time to read a book about the world. To explore the world in a totally different way. To cook a different cuisine. Learn a new thing. We can still explore and broaden our knowledge at home, come on! Let’s pick up a non fiction book for once. Let’s teach our younger siblings something. Every Wednesday, I Skype the young ones of my family and give them a half an hour lesson. I’m sure you could do it too. Explore and teach. We could still do it at home and we don’t have to stay in the harbour – our comfort zone – all the time, even though we’re at home.

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