Daily Wisdom 13

‘If I waited for perfection, I would never write write a word.’

Margaret Atwood

We all struggle to perfect our work and I’ve said this in many daily Wisdoms because it is such an important point – don’t try to write like Shakespeare or JK Rowling, write like yourself. The second point is to write first and edit later. I know loads of people who take years and years to write their first draft. This is because they were looking to perfect first. Perfection takes time, chapter after chapter, if you just write, perfection will come on its own. So write and then edit and do it all over again. Don’t expect to be satisfied. A writer is never satisfied with their work – instead, get someone else to read your work, get honest and constructive feedback and advice.

That’s how you do it.

31 thoughts on “Daily Wisdom 13

  1. Literally one of the honest posts, I wrote my first full draft in about a month and I’ve been editing the book for two years. And atm I am writing a new one and the first draft has taken me more than four months cause I get in my head.
    Really nice post Phoenix 😊

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  2. You’re welcome; would you kindly check out my post on ‘Is this why you’re afraid to write’ and give me your thoughts.


  3. “A writer is never satisfied with their work” – so true
    Finding honest and constructive feedback is also difficult. Not everyone is brutally honest.

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  4. True…. Quote is just fab… It stroke my chord πŸ˜…I’ve been writing 2 stories but not been able to complete.. Just because I want it to be perfect piece…. I’ll work upon this quote and try to complete my draft and then edit and soon post it… Thank you for this post.. It was something I needed at the time.

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