Gratitude isn’t something we should play around with. As soon as the hard times are over, we laugh and forget to show gratitude.

But hey, the hard times are here again and one by one, we’re all praying to our Gods and telling everyone to be grateful! Don’t wait for the hard times to come, get into a habit of showing gratitude. I’m not here to lecture you guys, I’m here to remind you. As soon as this covid 19 is over, and I pray it will be soon, just remember these times and be grateful that you are safe, happy, healthy. Have you ever thanked God for every cell in your body? Or every hair on your head? Have you ever thanked Him for creating you, showering you with blessing upon blessing? He gave you a family. He gave you shelter. Are you not going to raise your hands to Him after the COVID 19 is over? Are you not going to thank Him for everything He’s given you?

Sometimes we just forget.

But sometimes we’re just lazy.

God has given you a life. Are you not going to spend a little amount of that life that He has given you to pray and thank Him? Get up in the night. Pray to him. Ask Him because He will listen. Thank Him. Show gratitude.

Even in these hard times, there is always something to be thankful for. Even if you have one toilet roll. Show gratitude. Don’t scowl and start an argument with a random person in the supermarket. Because right now, there are people – children, women out there. Homeless. Hungry.

But they are still grateful. And we are cursing because we don’t have an extra toilet role. Start being grateful.

Gratitude makes you less stressful, less anxious. Spend at least fifteen minutes a day just showing gratitude. You’ll feel good. Honestly.

11 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Yes! This! Gratitude is so important, especially when it’s difficult! The science behind gratitude is really fascinating. It’s a topic that I really want to do a deep dive and write about in the future.

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  2. Being in gratitude always changes the way I experience life. Being human means my focus of attention is always changing and shifting. I do attempt to bring attention to awareness when needed. I love the idea of living in gratitude but that would be a permanence and I live in transience. Thanks for this.

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  3. Gratitude is a power tool. There is always something to be grateful for. ALWAYS! And for everything, we realize as something to be grateful for, we gain happiness and contentment which leads to more gratitude.

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  4. Gratitude is one important factor that ignites the togetherness and harmony among people but could also create hollowness in the people’s life if left alone to rust. Because these days, seldom people do say ‘Thank you’ From their heart. Reason? No time!!!
    The article is beyond amazing!! Wow phoenix..

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