Top three Penable Courses to read now!

A few months ago I created the Penable Academy where writers can improve their writing skills by reading informative online courses written by authors, influencers and poets.

Here are the top three courses from the Penable Academy that you should read now! These courses are popular, informative and incredibly helpful.

If you haven’t read them before…well what are you waiting for?

  1. How to stay motivated to write

In this course, growth instructor, coach and influencer, Vincent Ehindro gives note-worthy tips and advice on how to stay motivated to write.

This course is great if you’re struggling with writer’s block, feel like giving up on your work or you’re not finding it fun anymore, just a lot of work.

Click here to head to this awesome, inspiring course!

2. Procrastination and how to overcome it

This course is taught by lifestyle and relationship blogger Emanuella Igwe for the Penable Academy.

This course is really helpful if you’re trying to overcome procrastination!

Click here to head this amazing course!

3. Poetry 101

This informative course is taught by the incredible and talented Wardah from:

There’s no one way to write poetry. Everyone has their own unique style, and through this course and independent practice, you’ll be able to develop your own!

Click here to head to the course!

Have you read any of these incredible courses? Which one do you like best?

Stay safe,

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